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With the experiences gained over 40 years and in collaboration with business partners from various parts of the world, we have become a globally recognized brand by trading over 50,000 tons of paper and cardboard annually.

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We have established successful business partnerships with international companies.

GEP Kağıt is a well-established company that has been operating in the paper and cardboard sector for over 40 years. With its modern facility in Istanbul, the company imports various paper and cardboard groups from around the world and provides integrated services to its customers through cutting and slicing machines. Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction by responding quickly and effectively to demands, thanks to a robust stock structure.

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We believe that we will continue our success in the future through quality production and international collaborations.





Strong and High-Capacity Inventory Management

In a time when competition is intensifying in the business world, minimizing costs and waste is crucial. With our strong inventory management, we strive to keep you ahead in competition and ensure profitability with every transaction.

  • GEP Kağıt is your reliable solution partner in the field of supply.
  • We commit to keeping you ahead in competition and ensuring "Profitable Procurement" for you.
  • To adapt to the rapid changes in the business world, we minimize costs and waste.

About Us

Gep Kağıt serves as a bridge between manufacturers and consumers, providing various types of paper products to customers. Equipped with a strong inventory structure and integrated production facilities, it has the capacity to offer customized services to customers.

  • The supply of high-quality paper and cardboard products.
  • Customized services tailored to customer needs, including sizing, slicing, and packaging.
  • Minimum churn rate commitment.
  • Smooth deliveries with a robust logistics network.

With 40 years of experience, Gep Kağıt serves as a reliable supplier to customers with its quality-focused approach and innovative solutions. Importing paper and cardboard products from around the world, Gep Kağıt ensures timely delivery to customers with a strong inventory structure and offers optional customized services. Additionally, Gep Kağıt, prioritizing customer satisfaction, is an ideal business partner that meets the needs of businesses by providing seamless deliveries through its robust logistics network.

Among the customized services are slicing, sizing, and packaging of products according to the customer's requests. At the same time, it guarantees a minimum wastage rate, providing businesses with efficiency and cost savings.

Paper and cardboard groups imported from around the world are stored in the Istanbul warehouse with a strong inventory structure and delivered to customers whenever they need them. This logistics network facilitates customers' business processes and ensures the timely delivery of products. Additionally, Gep Kağıt consistently monitors delivery performance to maximize customer satisfaction and continues efforts for improvement.

We establish a seamless connection between manufacturers and consumers with the paper and cardboard products we import from all around the world.



I. Hamur

Virgin paper is a white paper with high cellulose content and low wood content.


Coated paper is a type of paper covered with fillers to achieve a glossy surface. It comes in two types: matte and glossy, and is commonly used in printing materials such as brochures, magazines, and posters.

Domestic Cardboard

It is a high-quality and compressed type of cardboard, typically used in art, graphic design, and printing tasks.


It is a high-quality and compressed type of cardboard, commonly used in art, graphic design, and printing tasks.


CKB cardboard is a type of cardboard created by compressing layers of kraft paper, resulting in a thick and rigid structure. It is commonly used in the packaging industry and is preferred for the production of packaging boxes, lids, labels, and other packaging products due to its strength and durability.


Packaging is a material used for the purpose of transporting, storing, and protecting products. Such types of cardboard are commonly used in various packaging applications.

Book Paper

Book paper is a thin and lightweight type of paper commonly used in the printing of the inner pages of books. This paper type provides a suitable surface for reading and writing and is often preferred for the inner pages of textbooks, novels, and other books.


Cardboard is a thick, durable sheet created by compressing paper or other fibrous materials together. Cardboard comes in various thicknesses and levels of hardness, making it suitable for different applications.

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